Trade With the Hedge Funds.

DeltaTrend puts the power of hedge funds’ powerful algorithms in the hands of retail traders. Trade with the big money, not against it.

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Why DeltaTrend?

The DeltaTrend Premium indicator employs market psychology, smart money concepts (SMCs), momentum, and advanced mathmatical models to help you read the markets clearly, and maximize your profits.

  • How do I get access?

    To gain access to any DeltaTrend script, you must add it to your cart and check out. Once you check out, you will be prompted to download a PDF that contains tips and tricks for using whichever script you purchased, and a link to its (now unlocked) Tradingview page, where you can add the indicator to your favorites.

  • Will DeltaTrend Make me Profitable?

    All trading strategies are subject to losses, obviously, but the DeltaTrend Algorithm has an unprecidented win rate. Unlike other algorithms that claim to have absurdly high win rates, but subject your capital to poor risk-reward scenarios, our algorithm opperates on a 1:1.5 risk-reward ratio, while maintaining a 72% win rate.

  • Do I Have to Change my Strategy to Use DeltaTrend?

    No, DeltaTrend offers tools and market visualizations that will enhance any strategy. Combine DeltaTrend's signals with those generated by your own strategy for confirmation, or turn them off completely and supercharge your existing strategy with DeltaTrend's powerful chart visualizations.

  • Can DeltaTrend Trade my Money Automatically?

    If you trade using a TradingView-compatible broker, then yes, DeltaTrend can trade your money automatically, but if you plan to trade on a different broker, or plan to trade options, futures, or another security not listed on TradingView, DeltaTrend will not be able to trade autonomously.